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Changing Working Hours


Your current working hours are detailed in your contract of employment and a summary of working hours may also be found at the following link:

HRA Hours Matrix

The following page details the steps you need to follow to change your hours of work. 

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Process for changing working hours

Step 1: Changes to hours (and associated salary changes) should be agreed with your local manager so they can take account of operational needs.


Step 2: The “Change Employment Details” Online Hiring Form will need to be completed by the line manager through InfoHub in order to commence the process.


Step 3: Once the line manager has completed the mandatory fields on the form they would need to click on the submit button so that the form can move to the next stage in the approval workflow (Head of School/Unit). They can track the progress of the form through the “My Approvals” tab in InfoHub.


Step 4: Once the form has completed the approval workflow, the Resourcing Support team will review the form and will implement contractual changes, such as hours and salary in accordance with the approved Online Hiring Form. A contract confirming the change will then be issued.

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If you need to speak to a member of UCD HR staff in relation to
this service, please call the HR Helpdesk on (01) 716 4900.