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Job Sharing


Job sharing is a way two people voluntarily share the duties of one post between them. Each job-sharer receives a pro rata salary and terms and conditions for the time worked. Differing policies exist for those in non-academic or technical posts.

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Apply for Job Sharing

Step 1: Prior to application you should familiarise yourself with the relevant Job Sharing policy.

Job Sharing for Technical Staff Policy

Job Sharing for Non-Academic Staff Policy

Step 2: Complete and submit your Job Share Application Form


What happens next?

Application agreed: If it is agreed that a post is suitable for job sharing applications will be invited from other suitably qualified staff of the University. In this case the post will need to follow the standard advertisement procedures. If no suitable partner can be found, the post will remain full-time and the current post- holder will be advised in writing accordingly by the Head of School/Unit.


Application not agreed: In the event that an application for job sharing is not agreed the applicant will receive a written explanation of this decision from the Head of School/Unit. If it is decided that a post is unsuitable for job sharing the post holder would still be eligible to apply as a job sharer for any other suitable job sharing post advertised.

Note: See full policy for further details.



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