Irish Memory Studies Network

Memory and Trauma: The Body in Pain in Irish Culture Symposium will take place in Boston College on 12-13 September 2013. This symposium is funded by the IRC, UCD and Boston College. A provisional programme of events can be found  here. 

Irish culture is obsessed with the past. From the public commemoration of historic events to private memoirs of childhood, we cannot escape the remembrance of things past in our literature and culture, and the spaces of the Irish landscape. And this is not a new phenomenon; representations of the past have always been an integral element of how Ireland is imagined and framed. Given these traditions, and the particular emphasis of Irish remembrance culture on loss, how can we use the lens of memory studies to read Irish history and culture? Should we be reading the Irish past under the sign of trauma? Are the events of the past to be resolved through commemoration or will they – should they – remain as provocative elements of our present?

This Network arises from the emergence of memory studies, and trauma studies, as critically important discourses in understanding Irish culture and society. Whether discussing the recent past or more distant histories, our conversations are marked by an interrogation of what and howwe remember; what and how we choose to commemorate; and what we forget.

These questions, and more, have prompted the establishment of this Irish Memory Studies Network, with the aim of opening up a critical dialogue on aspects of Irish Memory. The networkwill be multidisciplinary with a view to generating discussion across disciplinary boundaries and, it is hoped, laying the foundations for collaborative research work.

The network will provide a forum for discussion, kicking off in Spring 2013 with a seminar series, funded by the Irish Research Council, addressing issues of commemoration and gender. The seminar series will be hosted by the UCD Humanities Institute and we welcome anyone with interest in this broad field.

To register please email Dr Emilie Pine

The Politics of Commemoration - First Memory & Trauma Studies Seminar Series

January 29 - Dr Oona Frawley Irish Memory Studies

February 12 - Louise Lowe Laundry and the memory of the Magdalen Laundries

February 26 - Professor Cahal McLaughlin Armagh Women’s Prison Memories (Prisons Memory Archive)

April 3 - Professor Margaret Kelleher Memory Studies and Famine Studies: Gender, Genealogy, History

April 9 - Dr Emily Mark-Fitzgerald Famine Commemoration and Migration

April 16 - Dr Emilie Pine The Gender Politics of Commemorating Trauma