RECODE Summer School

The Challenge of Complex Diversity: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives from Europe and Canada

UCD Humanities Institute

10 -14 June 2013

This a week-long summer school for doctoral students organized by the RECODE research networking programme, funded by the European Science Foundation, and hosted by the Humanities Institute, University College Dublin, from 10th to 14th June 2013. Successful applicants will receive an award covering travel costs and accommodation.

RECODE, is an interdisciplinary, comparative research programme, which aims to explore to what extent the processes of transnationalisation, migration, religious mobilisation and cultural differentiation entail a new configuration of social conflict in post-industrial societies (see The summer school will examine the challenge of complex diversity, through theoretical and empirical perspectives from Europe and Canada. The week long programme will consist of lectures and seminars on the following four thematic areas covered by the RECODE network: (1) Linguistic diversity; (2) De-territorialized diversity; (3) Religious diversity; (4) Solidarity beyond the nation-state.

Participating lecturers and seminar leaders include Gianni D’Amato (University of Neuchâtel), Rainer Bauböck (EUI, Florence), Anette Borchorst (Aalborg University), Susanne Brauer (Paulus-Akademie Zürich), Linda Cardinal (University of Ottawa), John Erik Fossum (University of Oslo), Alain Gagnon (UQAM), François Grin (University of Geneva), Riva Kastoryano (CNRS-CERI-Sciences Po, Paris), Peter A. Kraus (University of Augsburg), Jocelyn Maclure (Laval University), Michel Seymour (U. Montréal), Birte Siim (Aalborg University).

A full schedule of events can be found by clicking on the link