Digital Humanities Exploratorium: Pathways to Interdisciplinarity, Creative Praxis and Digital Humanities Research

Dates: 19-20 June 2013

Venue: UCD Humanities Institute

This symposium explores connections between academic, social and creative uses of digital media. It provides a platform for early-stage researchers, scholars and professionals to explore interdisciplinary pathways between academic, social, digital and creative spheres and to engage with others in the field of digital humanities in an informative and productive dialogue. The format of this symposium provides a space in which to discuss digital humanities research, interdisciplinary methodologies and the importance of fostering connections between humanities research and cultural communities. Various topics discussed in the talks by scholars and creative practitioners will be explored in a supportive and interactive space.

There will be a particular emphasis on the work of younger researchers. Presentations will showcase a cross-section of emerging projects within the digital humanities. Workshops will facilitate the development of new ideas, skills and projects and the opening up of constructive dialogues with others incorporating digital elements into their work.

Some of the various themes to be discussed will include elements of the following which demonstrate the cross-disciplinary impact between the social and academic spheres:

  • Digital arts and creative praxis
  • Social, historical, multicultural aspects of digital research
  • Digital archivization

To register or for further information please email Ms Ricki Schoen Please note that a limited number of small grants (max. 100€) are available to cover travel costs for postgraduate and postdoctoral participants from outside Dublin.

You can download copies of the poster and the schedule by clicking on the links.