Reimagining Birth: International Research Symposium on Visual Culture of Childbirth

How has childbirth been portrayed/represented/imagined in the worlds of art and medicine? 

What do these images tell us about our cultural relationship with birth?

This interdisciplinary research symposium will provide an opportunity for contemporary critical debates into the visual culture of childbirth.  This will be a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners to explore/discuss the visual and sensorial culture of birth, and to contribute to our reimagining of this fundamental personal life experience for mother and child.  Central to the vision of this project is the ambition to build connections between interested parties, providing a forum for transcending current knowledge silos and contributing to innovative change in this important personal/cultural domain of human experience.

Date: 2-3 July 2013

Venue: UCD Humanities Institute

For additional information on the schedule and the guest speakers please go to To download the poster please click here.