World-Ecology, World-Economy, World-Literature

25th – 27th October 2013, UCD, Dublin

Keynote Speaker: Jason Moore (Binghamton, New York)

Confirmed Speakers: Maurice Coakley, Eoin Flaherty, James Graham, Thomas Murray, Lucy Potter, Michael Niblett, Eamonn Slater, Stephen Shapiro, Claire Westall

“Ecology” is not a specific part or form of crisis. It is a way of seeing the manifold expressions of the crisis today – from climate change to financialization to food sovereignty – …. Where does the social problem end and the ecological problem begin? (Jason Moore, “Wall Street is a Way of Organizing Nature”)

Taking up environmental historian Jason Moore’s injunction to understand the world-economy as world-ecology, this three-day event will explore world-systemic approaches to capitalism’s transformations of cultural, environmental, and social landscapes. During two days of workshop presentations and discussions, the first day focusing on World-Ecology, the second on World-Economy, we will investigate the symptoms and causes of the current global economic and climate crisis through multiple disciplinary perspectives, analyse the ecological regimes and geographical frontiers of capital’s uneven expansion, and explore how world-systemic perspectives help illuminate the intertwined issues of environmental crisis and exploitation. With presentations examining such subjects as world-ecology and neoliberalism, Ireland and the world-economy, world-systems and law, and literature and the world-ecology, we hope to create a truly interdisciplinary dialogue between the fields of cultural theory, earth science, environmental history, geography, literary studies, political theory, and the social sciences.

The two-day academic symposium at UCD Humanities Institute (26th – 27th) will be launched on the 25th of October by a cultural event in Dublin city centre featuring readings from performance poet Dave Lordan, author of Invitation to a Sacrifice and First Book of Frags, and Mike McCormack, award-winning novelist and author of Late Forensic Songs and Notes from a Coma.

Admission to both the cultural event and workshops is free and members of the public, as well as academics, are welcome to attend; however, as numbers in the workshop and exhibition venues are limited, we request that attendees register in advance. Please email worldecologyeconomyatgmaildotcom to reserve your place.

Organizers: Sharae Deckard, Treasa Deloughry, and Michael Paye. To register for this event please email

Sponsored by the UCD Humanities Institute “Space and Place: Environmental Humanities” strand , UCD Seed Funding,  Dublin UNESCO City of Literature Funding, and the University of York.

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