Humanities Institute Research Writing Groups

The UCD Humanities Institute currently hosts two Research Writing Groups, which meet every month for ninety minutes to discuss a short piece of research writing (draft thesis chapter, conference paper, article, book chapter, funding proposal and so on) by a member of the group. Group members read the sample in advance and discuss it in depth with the author. This process facilitates the author thinking through their ideas in a supportive and encouraging environment, guided by the other members of the group. The groups are interdisciplinary and are open to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

The two Research Writing Groups are currently full. If you are interested in joining a new Research Writing Group, contact Dr Noreen Giffney by telephone (01 716 4685) or via email (

Writing Group 1: Valeria Bandecchi, Dr Giulia Bruna, Geraldine Canavan, Catherine Casey, Monica Insinga, Eileen Lee, Marcus Richey

Writing Group 2: Claire Burson, Phil Gorey, Hema Kesevan, Robert MacDonald, Martin McKeith

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