Humanities Doctoral Supervision Workshop

An initiative of the Humanities Institute (UCD), the Moore Institute (NUIG), the Institute For Collaborative Research in the Humanities (QUB) and the Royal Irish Academy, co-ordinated by the Irish Humanities Alliance.

This idea for this series was proposed by Dr Noreen Giffney, Research and Training Coordinator in the UCD Humanities Institute. The idea was accepted by the Irish Humanities Alliance and an Organising Committee was formed.

This series of lunchtime workshops will focus on Doctoral Supervision in the Humanities subject areas. The workshops will cover topics including: career mentorship, managing the student-supervisor relationship, planning for life after the doctorate and how this can all be assisted by new technology. It is intended for both supervisors and students alike, but with differing emphasis across the various workshops.

Schedule and topics

September 2014: The Royal Irish Academy and Irish Humanities Alliance will host ‘Doctoral Supervision and Career Mentorship’

November 2014: The Moore Institute in NUIG will host ‘Advances in Digital Technologies: New Possibilities and Challenges for Doctoral Supervision’

February 2015: The Humanities Institute in UCD will host ‘Managing the Doctoral Supervisor-Student Relationship’

April 2015: Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities in QUB will host ‘The Role of Doctoral Supervision in Planning for Life after the Doctorate’

The organising committee consists of Dr Noreen Giffney (UCD), Martha Shaughnessy (NUIG), Prof. John Thompson (QUB) and Dr Aoibhín de Búrca (IHA & RIA).

Travel bursaries will be made available to the first ten registered doctoral students, and doctoral students who are between the Viva and graduation stages, for each event. This is to enable students to travel to the workshops in the different institutions and to be part of the discussion.

Students, supervisors and staff from all HEIs are encouraged, and welcome, to attend. The events are free of charge but require registration. The workshops will also be streamed live and podcast on the IHA website.

Please click on the link to download the poster for this event.