The Irish Sea Symposium 2014

The Irish Sea: History, Culture, Environment

Venue: National Maritime Museum of Ireland, Dun Laoghaire

Date: 19th & 20th September 2014

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What does the Irish Sea contribute to the lives of the people who inhabit its shores?

How does the sea benefit those communities economically and socially? What role does the Irish Sea play in defining our communities politically and culturally? How do the people who live on its coastlines use, exploit, and imagine the Irish Sea? How do we engage with the Irish Sea as a living ecosystem, or as a means of transportation, or as a distinctive sea-space with its own histories and its own nature? How can we do so without damaging the ability of future generations to live safely and fruitfully on its shores?

The Irish Sea: History, Culture, Environment is a symposium organised by University College Dublin and the National Maritime Museum of Ireland to address these questions about the sea which Ireland shares with Wales, the Isle of Man, England, and Scotland. The symposium brings together a range of academics and independent researchers from the sciences and the humanities to present the findings of their research, and to discuss with scholars and a public audience the values, meanings, and histories of the Irish Sea. The symposium will conclude with a workshop about the possibilities and opportunities for future interdisciplinary research on the Irish Sea.

Organisers: Professor John Brannigan (UCD School of English, Drama and Film); Dr Tasman Crowe (UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science); Richard McCormick (National Maritime Museum Library and Archive)

The symposium is sponsored by the UCD Earth Institute, UCD Humanities Institute, and the Atlantic Archipelagos Research Consortium, and the event is being hosted by the National Maritime Museum of Ireland.

The symposium will commence with a free public lecture on ‘The Nature of the Irish Sea Coast’ in the Museum Friday 19th September at 7pm by environmental consultant Richard Nairn. Entry on Saturday 20th September will cost €10 for the day, payable on registration at the Museum. There will also be an optional €30 dinner for participants in the National Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire, on Saturday night payable at registration.

To register please go to the registration page at, or email