Settler Social Identities Conference, 24-25 July 2018

24-25 July 2018
Humanities Institute, University College Dublin


Day 1 – Tuesday 24 July

 12-12:15 Registration

12:15-12:30 Welcome by Dr. Emily Mark Fitzgerald (UCD)

12:30-2 Panel 1: Club Cultures and Intellectual Societies

Chair: Lara Atkin (UCD)

Peter Hodgins (Carleton University, Canada): ‘Making Place for Settler Culture in Victorian Ottawa’

Nicolas Haisell (Queen’s University): ‘“Suddenly Gathers a Storm”: Longfellow’s Acadia and the founding of the Nova Scotia Historical Society 1878-1880’

Barry Crosbie (The Education University of Hong Kong): ‘Members Only: Private Clubs and Associational Life in Colonial Hong Kong’

 14-14:15 Comfort Break

2:15-3:45 Panel 2: Imperial Networks of Prints and Publications

Chair: Sarah Comyn (UCD)

Honor Rieley (Glasgow University): ‘Our Principal Dependence: Reprinting and “Canadian Content” in Early-Nineteenth-Century Literary Magazines’

Sarah Sharp (UCD): ‘Hame in the USA: Situating The Cotter’s Saturday Night in the Post-Revolutionary South’

Lara Atkins (UCD): ‘Settling Poetry: Reprinting Poems in the Early Press in Colonial South Africa’

 15:45-16:15 Afternoon Tea

4:15-5:45pm Keynote 1

Chair: Kathryn Milligan (UCD)

Dr. Natasha Eaton (University College London): ‘A Civil Contract of Photography? The Conditional Image and Immigration’


Day 2 – Wednesday 25 July

10-11 Panel 3: Books, Periodicals and Colonial Identities

Chair: Nathan Garvey (UCD)

Karen Dovell (Suffolk County Community College): ‘“The Great Empire of Western Texas”: Manifest Destiny and National Reconciliation in Harriett Prescott Spofford’s “San Antonio de Bexar”’

Deirdre Osborne (Goldsmiths, University of London): ‘Billy Blue and “Billy Skywonkie”: Representing Intra-colonial Blackness and Inter-raciality in Nineteenth-century Australia’

 11 – 11:30 Morning Tea Break

11:30-1 Keynote 2

Chair: Sarah Comyn (UCD)

A/Prof. Clara Tuite (University of Melbourne): Lag Fever: Flash Culture, the Moon's Late Minions and Gentleman of the Shade in Colonial Australia’

 1-1:45pm Lunch

1:45-3:15 Panel 4: Women, Exhibitions and Social Life

Chair: Kathryn Milligan (UCD)

Fariha Shaikh (University of Birmingham): ‘Catherine Helen Spence: Associational Life and Gendered Settlement’

Shahmima Akhtar (University of Birmingham): ‘Mapping Ireland: Irish Villages in the US in the 1890s’

Renate Dohmen (Open University): ‘Adding Gloss to Displays of Wool, Wheat and Coal – Australian Women’s Civilizing Touch and the Sydney and Melbourne International Exhibitions of 1879-80 and 1880-81’

 3:15-3:45 Afternoon Tea

3:45-5:15 Panel 5: Performing Settler Identities

Chair: Sarah Sharp (UCD)

Erica Mukherjee (Stony Brook University): ‘“A Very Useful Hard-working Man”: Creating the Tropical Engineer through Text’

Nathan Garvey (UCD): ‘Staging the Horrors of Transportation: Lectures, Exhibitions, and the Performance of Convict Life, 1840-1900’

Paola Colleoni (University of Melbourne): ‘James Alipius Goold’s Cultural Patronage in Colonial Victoria 1840s-1860s’

 5:15-5:30 Comfort Break

5:30-6 Closing Roundtable

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The conference is generously supported by the Humanities Institute and UCD College of Arts and Humanities.