UCD Humanities Institute Postgraduate Scholars Conference, 27 Sept 2018

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Boundaries, Transgression and Liminality in 21st-Century Scholarship

With Keynote address by Professor Michael Cronin (TCD).

Thursday, 27th September 2018, from 9am.

‘Trans’ issues, be they disciplinary, cultural or political, are widely celebrated in mainstream media, academic discourse, and the arts. Concurrently there exists a political reality of borders, as well as a proliferation of entrenched forms of the rhetoric of difference, which have led to significant electoral success for political parties advocating identitarian ideologies. To date, the 21st century has witnessed, on the one hand, ever expanding access to worldwide online networking, growing free-market economic globalisation, and increasingly diverse identity politics, while at the same time strict national boundaries have contributed to an escalation in the international refugee crises.

Podcast of Professor Michael Cronin's keynote.

Registration: 9-9.30am

Session 1: Challenging boundaries of institutional education. (9.30am – 11.10am)

“Zombiism: Crossing Boundaries, Crossing Disciplines, Challenging Theory”
Dr. Scott Eric Hamilton (UCD)

“Mapping Art Practice as a Model for Pedagogical Transdisciplinarity” - Gianna Tasha Tomasso (LIT)

“Who runs the show, who owns the society?”  - Salah Haddad (TCD)

“Dilemmas in Reconciling Participatory Media Practice with Individual Authorship” – Dr. Shireen Short (DIT)

Coffee/tea break


Session 2: Transgression in traditions, identity and form. (11.30am – 1.10pm)

“Transgressive Content: Melodrama and the Remediation of Late-Victorian Narratives” - Leanne Waters (UCD)

“A Critical Analysis of the Gaelic Department of the Irish-American and the An Claidheamh Soluis” - Fiona Lyons (UCD)

“Languages of Proximity and Distance in Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels”- Alexandra Kutovoy (TCD)

"Exploring Metaphorical Boundaries and their Impact on Musical Choices"
- Katie Baseman (UL)

Lunch break


Session 3: Media transgression and identity. (2.30pm – 4.10pm)

“Self and technology: rethinking boundaries” - Abeba Birhane (UCD)

“Mythical language of transgression in Serbian cultural trauma cinema” – Rebecca Carr (TCD)

“@TwoWomenTravel #NoFilters: Staging Hashtag Activism” – Jamie Leigh Gray (University of California Santa Barbara

“Interrogating the Politics of Respectability and the question of female desire with respect to contemporary women’s mobilisations for ‘bodily autonomy’: A Comparison of post-colonial legacies in India and Ireland” - Dyuti Chakravarty (UCD)

Coffe/tea break


Keynote address by Professor Michael Cronin (4.30pm)

“Transversal Subjectivity and the Transitional University”


The Conference will be followed by a Wine Reception and Buffet (provided by Our Table) from 6pm


Enquiries to hiphdconference2018@gmail.com

The conference is convened by Resident Scholars of the UCD Humanities Institute.

Details of how to get to the Humanities Institute can be found at: http://www.ucd.ie/humanities/facilities/wheretofindus/