Guest Lecture - 'Human Rights: seductive, dangerous and necessary

Friday, 21 January 2011

Speaker: Professor Conor Gearty (Law, London School of Economics & Political Science)

Title: Human Rights: seductive, dangerous and necessary

Venue: Room H204, second floor, UCD Humanities Institute of Ireland (building number 27, grid reference F9 on the UCD Campus Map)

Date: Friday, 21 January 2011

Time: 5pm

Chair: Dr Maurice Manning, President, Irish Human Rights Commission.

About Conor Gearty:

Conor Gearty's academic research focuses primarily on civil liberties, terrorism and human rights. His first book (co-authored with his colleague at both Cambridge and King's, Keith Ewing) was 'Freedom under Thatcher' and as its subtitle made clear it dealt with the state of civil liberties in modern Britain. He then wrote a book on terrorism, simply entitled 'Terror' which was published by Faber and Faber in 1991. Since then he has kept up his interest in both these subjects, writing more books on each - most recently 'Civil Liberties' (published by Oxford University Press in August 2007). In recent years he has also deepened his interest in human rights law and, more generally, in human rights - writing a book in 2004 called 'Principles of Human Rights Adjudication' and a more inter-disciplinary and shorter book in 2006, 'Can Human Rights Survive?' This last book was based on his 2005 Hamlyn lectures. His very latest book is a selection of essays on human rights and terrorism, published by Cameron May in April 2008. His next book is out later this year (2010) and is a co-authored work with Virginia Mantouvalou: 'Debating Social Rights'.