Redrawing Dublin: interdisciplinarity and interrogation

Monday, 14 March 2011

 UCD Humanities Institute and the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (DIT, NCAD, IADT, UU) will host a special public seminar in response to the issues, ideas and challenges raised by Paul Kearns’ and Motti Ruimy’s recent interdisciplinary cultural project, REDRAWING DUBLIN (Gandon Editions, 2010). This work appears at a time when there is a flourishing of new initiatives across the cultural, academic, business and political landscape that seek to project new visions for the city of Dublin.

This seminar offers an interactive opportunity to consider Kearns’ and Ruimy’s book project within the broader context of debates about urbanism, city cultures and Dublin’s future potential as a vibrant and dynamic metropolitan space. The book challenges all citizens to reflect on the interaction of different disciplines, professions, cultural practices and agendas in the shaping, contesting and authoring of urban imaginaries, potential and realities.

Dublin City Library and Archive Seminar Room, Gilbert Library, Pearse Street, on Monday 14th March 14:00 - 16:00. Speakers include: Paul Kearns, Motti Ruimy, Hugh Campbell, Sarah Tuck, Daniel Jewesbury, and Pat Cooke. Convenors: Dr Marc Caball (UCD HII) and Dr Mick Wilson (GradCAM).

ReDrawing Dublin 14 March 2011