Treasa De Loughry

School: English, Drama and Film

Supervisors: Dr John Brannigan, Dr Sharae Deckard

Globalization and the World-Ecology in the Contemporary Novel

This research project investigates the formal registration of capitalist globalisation through the prevalence of ecological and world historical narratives in the global fictions of Salman Rushdie, David Mitchell and Rana Dasgupta. These texts constitute a new genre of global literature which moves beyond a postcolonial or regional framework, engaging deeply with global, world-economic and ecological narratives. Key objectives therefore include analyses of The Moor’s Last Sigh (Rushdie:1995), Ghostwritten (Mitchell: 1999), Cloud Atlas (2004), Tokyo Cancelled (Dasgupta: 2005) and Solo (2009), as part of an imaginative shift in cosmopolitan British novels to account for the intensified processes of globalisation and a post-Cold War materialist  imaginary.

Funding Information: Funded under an Irish Research Council in the Humanities and Social Sciences Postgraduate Scholarship (IRCHSS), and a Fulbright-National University of Ireland Student Award.

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