Dr Denise Keating

I completed my IRC-funded PhD under the supervision of Professor Aidan O’ Sullivan and Dr Helen Lewis (UCD School of Archaeology) in 2014. During this time, I was supported by the Humanities institute in its supportive and dynamic research environment and continue to benefit from the collegial network I built there. My thesis presented the results of an analysis of the skeletal remains of 498 non-adults excavated from early medieval (AD 400-1100) cemeteries in Leinster, Ireland. The primary aim of my thesis was to gain an understanding of the life experience of the early medieval child as seen through children’s health status. My current interests include the conceptualisation of the category of infant in early medieval Irish society, the recurrence of famine and its effect on the child and the role of breastfeeding and weaning in early medieval Ireland.

Hon Treasurer of AHSI (Agricultural History Society of Ireland)
MIAI (Member Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland)