Dr Jessica Doyle

Jessica Doyle took her B.A. at Trinity College Dublin, with a major in Ancient History and Archaeology before pursuing her postgraduate career at UCD, from where she holds an M.A. in Classical Studies and an M.A. in Archaeology. Her PhD, funded by an IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2012-2015), was awarded by the School of Classics at UCD in December 2016. The focus of her doctoral research was the iconography of hunting and the predator-prey theme in Greek art of the 9th to the 7th centuries B.C. Her dissertation constituted an exploration of how these themes and their many visual permutations were utilised by the Greeks in configuring, expressing and reinforcing social and cultural identities and cosmological order, both within Greek societies and in the broader context of the eastern Mediterranean during this period. This research project encapsulated her broader research interests, which include Pre-Classical Greek visual and material culture, and cultural encounters and intersections in the eastern Mediterranean of the early first millennium B.C. In addition to her research, Jessica has tutored in the School of Classics at UCD since 2007.

Profile: https://ucd.academia.edu/JessicaDoyle

Contact: jessica.doyle@ucdconnect.ie