Dr Maeve McHugh

In addition to my role as a Research Associate at the HI I also work as an occasional lecturer and tutor for the School of Classics, UCD. Concerning my research, I am a landscape archaeologist who, using the textual and archaeological evidence, investigates the role of farmsteads of the Classical-Hellenistic periods in mainland Greece. The core aim of my doctoral research was to determine how the archaeology and textual evidence for these sites inform us about the role farmsteads had as centres for habitation and industry. My research is driven by questions about how archaeology can be used to investigate the use of landscapes, public/private spaces, social ideals, and aspirations. The conclusions reached in my doctorate stressed that the countryside was an interconnected space with people living, working, worshipping, and moving through it, and that if we investigate the archaeology holistically, within its social and historical context, the evidence can serve as a testament to the activity the countryside once supported. I have adapted my dissertation into a manuscript, and it is currently under contract for publication by Oxbow Books in 2016. 

I am also an active field archaeologist, and have taken part as a senior archaeologist in regional surveys in mainland Greece and the Greek islands. I have served as a team member and team leader on pedestrian landscape survey projects on Kephalonia and Kea. I am currently a team leader on the Mazi Archaeogical Project (MAP), which is a diachronic regional archaeological survey of the Mazi plain in northwest Attica, Greece. While on survey I foster my passion for landscape archaeology, in particular the challenges it poses and the insights into the ancient world it offers as a discipline.