Dr Niamh Ní Shiadhail

Senior lecturer in Celtic Languages, and Director of the Celtic Section, Uppsala University, Sweden.

I was appointed as a lecturer in Celtic languages at Uppsala University in August 2012, after the award of a doctorate in Modern Irish from University College Dublin for my thesis ‘Conspóidí creidimh, 1818-c.1848: roinnt fianaise ó fhilíocht na Gaeilge’. Former UCD Ad Astra scholar (2007-10) and doctoral scholar at the UCD Humanities Institute.  My research focusses on the Irish-language literature of the nineteenth century: its production and transmission through manuscript culture; interaction of print and manuscript cultures; the form and function of Irish-language poetry, particularly that dealing with political and socio-religious issues; and the influence of political and religious controversies on the expression of identity through Irish-language texts. My current project, 'Religion and identity in Ireland after the Union: Poet as interlocutor?' seeks to provide an insight into the function of Irish-language poets and their poetry by examining poetic responses to three major historical movements of the 1820s in Ireland: 1) the Second Reformation; 2) the campaign for Catholic Emancipation; 3) the Tithe Wars.