Donal Fullam

Supervisor: Dr Jaime Jones

School: Music

You Are the Centre of Everything: Game Music and Ideology

Computer game sound and music is dynamic; it adapts in response to the actions of the player and is contextually generated according to the needs of particular events and gameplay states. It is often process driven, supporting temporal variables and the mobile architecture of gameplay. While these structures are immensely flexible, the systems that control them are logical and predictive. Interactive sound and music is an essential aspect of the medium and provokes the question ­- is this an aesthetic goal, an ideological goal or merely a solution to the problem of player agency? By drawing these ideas together and placing them at an intersection between media modes and practices, it is possible to understand computer game music as a vector for ideological expression emerging from societies in which cultural interaction is primarily conducted through technological mediation.

Funding Information: Funded by an Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship

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