Dr Scott Hamilton

Scott Eric Hamilton is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the UCD Humanities Institute. His PhD thesis, 'Abode where lost bodies roam': The Condition of Exile in the Prose of Samuel Beckett, explores the manifestation of the exilic mentality in Beckett's prose. He has articles on Samuel Beckett in Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui 27 and Breac: A Digital Journal of Irish Studies (forthcoming 2016), and a chapter in the forthcoming volume Samuel Beckett and the 'State' of Ireland. He has also written a live-digital interface stage adaptation of Beckett's Ill Seen Ill Said,  for an ongoing collaborative project with  Nicholas Johnson, Trinity College Dublin (TCD), and Mathew Causey (TCD). The first iteration of this was performed in September 2015. Scott's current research project is provisionally entitled Samuel Beckett's Excavatory Aesthetic: Archaeology, Astronomy, Historicity and Myth and will be a monograph length study of the elements of archaeology which influence the depiction of landscape in Beckett's work.