Jenny Knell

School: English, Drama and Film

Supervisors: Professor Gerardine Meaney, Professor Liam Kennedy

Representations of Dublin in Contemporary Irish Film

My research considers the representation of Dublin in contemporary Irish film. Historically, the urban experience and the development of an indigenous film industry both were regarded as marginal elements within Irish culture. This thesis offers a discussion of Dublin’s cinematic representation with a view to uncovering realities about the city (and the wider society to which it belongs) that largely remain implicit and unspoken. Using an interdisciplinary approach that draws upon urban theory, cultural studies and textual analysis, this thesis explores how recent Irish cinema has played a dynamic role in producing ‘new’ urban geographies that negotiate the space between the real/imaginary in highly complex ways. By reading the city as a symbolic site, I assess how filmmakers reveal (and often actively portray) Dublin’s landscape as being fractured along the axes of class, gender and locality, while also interrogating the extent to which such divisions are transgressed or re-inscribed through image/narrative.

Funding Information: Funded under a UCD Ad Astra Postgraduate Scholarship.