UCD Centre for War Studies, School of History and Archives

Director: Professor Robert Gerwarth (UCD Centre for War Studies, UCD School of History & Archives) robert.gerwarth@ucd.ie


The UCD Centre for War Studies was founded in 2008 as a platform for active researchers in the field of conflict studies (broadly defined). Members of the Centre for War Studies come from different disciplines (notably history, politics, archaeology, classics and law) and different national backgrounds (Ireland, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Britain, Spain, China, Lithuania, the Netherlands), thus contributing a multitude of perspectives on war-related history. Since its foundation, the Centre for War Studies has been successful in a wide range of funding applications from national and international bodies, notably from the IRC, the ERC and the ESF. We also currently host two Marie Curie Fellows.

Collaboration with the Humanities Institute:

Future co-operation with the Humanities Institute could manifest itself in jointly-organised research seminars or Distinguished Visiting Guest Lectures. The first joint visiting fellow Professor Guoqi Xu, Professor of History at the University of Hong Kong, China was resident in UCD from September to December 2012.