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IWA Congress on Water, Climate & Energy
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HYDRFOR Objectives

Undertake a review of international and national literature on potential impacts of forestry on surface water quality with respect to acidification, eutrophication and sedimentation at the various stages in the forest life cycle.

Compile a database of relevant data from previous projects dealing with forest-surface water interactions and explore the data for relationships between factors.

Undertake temporal and spatial assessment of the inputs from forest activities and impacts (acidification, eutrophication, sedimentation) from planting to felling, on the hydrochemical and ecological quality of water taking into account mitigation measures.  

Quantify nutrient and sediment losses to water in relation to the nature, scale and duration of forestry activities in a sub-set of instrumented catchments.

Test the effectiveness of buffer strips in ameliorating inputs of nutrients and sediments from forest operations and consider design guidelines for the planning, construction and maintenance of buffer strips.

Evaluate the likely impact of expansion of forest cover in Ireland on hydro-ecology.

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