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Developing a GIS-supported Integrated Biodiversity Impact Assessment Methodology for Ireland




We are inviting you to participate in our project to develop a GIS-supported Integrated Biodiversity Impact Assessement Methodology (IBIA) for Ireland.



Our project aim is to produce a standard (but flexible) spatially-specific integrated biodiversity impact assessment methodology suitable for application from local to national level. This will encompass requirements for AA, SEA, EIA, various cumulative effects assessments, and site-specific activities in a way that will clarify and increase the efficiency of procedures, reduce administrative workload, and provide flexibility to respond to future legislative developments and possible environmental changes.


Why is this project needed?

Ireland is under considerable EU pressure to improve its impact assessment procedures, particularly those relating to biodiversity issues. Obligations derive from multiple pieces of legislation (e.g. EIA, SEA, Habitats, Water Framework Directives), but their implementation is linked with several government and planning authorities, leading to a large monetary and administrative burden, duplication of effort, and delays or undesirable planning outcomes.



Over the next year (April 2011 - March 2012) the project invites review and input from current practitioners of impact assessment and appropriate assessment in order to identify current practice in Ireland that has worked to successfully integrate biodiversity issues into planning practice. As the project progresses we will invite feedback on our developing framework for Integrated Biodiversity Impact Assessment through this webpage.


Project Funding

This project is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency under the STRIVE programme under grant reference number 2010-B-DS-4 (A GIS-supported Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Methodology). The project is a collaboration between UCD Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and Scott Cawley Ltd.





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