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IBIS Collaborations

IBIS has worked in partnership with the Conference of University Rectors in Ireland (CRI), Co-operation Ireland, the Humanities Institute of Ireland, The Irish Association, Universities Ireland, InterTradeIreland, The British Embassy, Stratagem and, more recently, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the Ulster Museum and the British Council, to deliver joint lectures or conferences on topical British-Irish issues.

IBIS / Centre for War Studies Lecture

IBIS joined with the UCD Centre for War Studies to host Professor Stathis Kalyvas of Yale University. Professor Kalyvas, author of The Logic of Violence in Civil War and Director of the Program on Order, Conflict and Violence, visited UCD the week of 4 April 2011. During his stay, he gave a public evening lecture at UCD on Wednesday, 6 April and a daytime lecture to students and staff on Thursday, 7 April. Read More

IBIS / Arts Council NI / Ulster Museum Conference

IBIS, in association with the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Ulster Museum (and in co-operation with the British Council), hosted an event on 23 March 2011 at the Ulster Museum, Belfast.   The aim of this all-day conference, entitled 'Culture after Conflict: Between Remembrance and Reconciliation', was to create a forum to facilitate discussion and debate on the role of culture in remembering the Northern Irish conflict and fostering reconciliation and peace. Read More

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IBIS / Stratagem Event

IBIS and Stratagem co-hosted an event at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast, on Thursday 2 December 2010. Entitled 'Patterns of Conflict Resolution: How to Draw Lessons from Northern Ireland', it built on an IBIS research project of the same name. Guest speakers included: Jim Fitzpatrick (BBC); Bronagh Hinds (DemocraShe); Quintin Oliver (Stratagem); Dawn Purvis, MLA and Jennifer Todd (University College Dublin). Read More


IBIS / British Embassy Roundtable Discussion

On Wednesday, 10 February 2010, IBIS, in association with the British Embassy Dublin, hosted a roundtable discussion on 'North-South business relations: what does and doesn't work' at the Royal Irish Academy.
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Universities Ireland / Intertrade Ireland

IBIS-InterTradeIreland-Universities Ireland Evening Lecture

IBIS, in association with InterTradeIreland and Universities Ireland, hosted an evening lecture at the Royal Irish Academy on 10th December, 2009. Entitled 'Cross-Border Relations: Steps Towards Change', the conference featured Dick Spring, Deaglan de Breadun, Julian King and Quintin Oliver.
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Joint IBIS-Irish Association lecture

IBIS hosted a joint event with the Irish Association on 2nd April, 2009 on 'North-South relations after the boom: the impact of the credit crunch on mutual relations and understandings'. Jeffrey Donaldson MP, MLA provided the keynote address for the lecture. Read More

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IBIS-CRI Lecture Series

The first lecture series launched by IBIS in association with the Conference of University Rectors in Ireland was in 2000 on the theme Redefining the union and the nation: new perspectives on political progress in Ireland. The same partneership sponsored a second series in 2001 on the theme Remoulding relationships: international perspectives on the pursuit of peace in Northern Ireland.

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IBIS-Co-operation Ireland Lecture Series

Collaboration between IBIS and Co-operation Ireland began in 2002 with a series entitled The path to peace: negotiating and implementing the Belfast Agreement.  This led to partnership on a further series, Implementing the agreement: towards completion

IBIS-Humanities Institute of Ireland Conference Series

IBIS has hosted two conferences in association with the Humanities Institute of Ireland (HII) - both of them in 2007. One was entitled Understanding changing British-Irish relations - the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985 reconsidered, the other on Peace Lines: Political Discourse on Northern Ireland since the Troubles