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Citizens and Constitutions
Engaging Citizens in Debates over Constitutional Reform on these Islands

Royal Irish Academy
Friday, 27 March 2015

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‌‌From l-r: Robert Hazell, Aideen Regan, Charlie Jeffery, Ivana Bacik, John Garry, Tom Arnold, Richard Wyn Jones, Clodagh Harris,David Farrell, Alan Renwick

Debates over constitutional and institutional reform are much in the news in both parts of the island of Ireland and right across the UK.  The reports of the Irish Convention on the Constitution are working their way through to the Oireachtas and already two referendums are promised this May. The Stormont House Agreement has proposed new procedures to address controversies over flags and parades as efforts to progress the Good Friday Agreement continue. The outcome of last November’s Scottish independence referendum has resulted in intense debates in the UK over future constitutional arrangements.  The purpose of this event was to bring together leading researchers and practitioners in this area to review these debates and their likely outcomes with particular reference to the efforts (if any) to engage ordinary citizens as part of the process.

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Presentations and Papers

A UK Constitutional Convention? Prof Richard Wyn Jones
A Citizen's Assembly in Northern Ireland?

Dr John Garry

Imaginative Randomocracy: A General Model of Citizen Decision Making

Applied to Northern Ireland

Dr John Garry
The Agenda and Timetable for a UK Constitutional Convention Prof Robert Hazell
Citizens and Constitutions: The Scottish Question Prof Charlie Jeffery
A UK Constitutional Convention: What Lessons Can we Learn from Ireland Dr Alan Renwick

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