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Culture after Conflict: Between Remembrance and Reconciliation

Ulster Museum, Belfast
Wednesday, 23 March 2011

From l-r: Eoghan McTigue, David Park, Eamonn Hughes, Imelda Foley

From l-r: Eoghan McTigue, David Park, Eamonn Hughes, Imelda Foley

The re-establishment of power sharing in May 2007 was a watershed in the bloody and bitter conflict that blighted Northern Ireland for almost four decades. For the first time Northern Ireland would be governed by all the main unionist and nationalist parties, suggesting that the promise of the 1998 Agreement for a peaceful, stable, and reconciled society could be fulfilled. This event aims to create a forum to facilitate discussion and debate on the role of culture in remembering the Northern Irish conflict and fostering reconciliation and peace.

Taking a multifaceted approach to ‘peace process culture’ by considering various art forms and media, such as photography, performance, drama, film and visual art, this one-day conference interrogates the various roles that cultural productions play in an ethnically divided society, where views about the past conflict are intimately linked to questions of identity and electoral politics. The event brings together artists from different backgrounds and practices to reflect upon the complexities of the different approaches to conflict-resolution and reconciliation, complementing these insights with contributions from academics and civil society actors. In so doing, it seeks to interrogate the intersections between politics, ethics and aesthetics in the context of the Northern Irish peace process by investigating practices of remembrance and reconciliation.

Participants: Gerry Anderson, Robert Ballagh, Pat Cooke, Imelda Foley, Alan Gillis, Anthony Haughey, Eamonn Hughes, Tim Loane, Edna Longley, Medbh McGuckian, Eoghan McTigue, Philip Napier, Philip Orr, David Park, Glenn Patterson, Sir George Quigley, Pauline Ross

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Conference Podcast

Session 1: Legacies of Conflict

Welcome Address: Sir George Quigley

Panel: Pat Cooke (Chair), Anthony Haughey, Edna Longley, Philip Napier, Philip Orr

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Session 2: Re-Imaginings of Northern Ireland

Panel: Imelda Foley, Eamonn Hughes (Chair), Tim Loane, Eoghan McTigue, David Park

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Readings: Introduced by Tony Kennedy

Alan Gillils, Medbh McGuckian, David Park, Glenn Patterson

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Session 3: Arts and Culture after Conflict

Panel: Gerry Anderson (Chair), Robert Ballagh, Alan Gillis, Glenn Patterson, Pauline Ross

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