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University College Dublin

5 December 2008

RECAP Seminar 2

The research project 'Resolving ethnic conflict: approaches to peace (RECAP) aims to summarise the current state of research in the area of ethnic conflict and its resolution, identify gaps and propose mechanisms whereby this stock of knowledge can be brought to the attention of a wider public, including policy-makers. A recent seminar on 5th December, 2008 brought together the key individuals involved to discuss the findings of the project and their impact on current schools of thought. Information on RECAP can be accessed from the project website by clicking here.

Attending the RECAP seminar were: M Pierre Baudewyns, Université Catholique de Louvain; Prof Francisco Jose Llera Ramo, Universidad del Pais Vasco; Dr Simon Haddad, Jounieh-Lebanon; Professor Adrian Guelke, Queen's University Belfast; Professor Youngmi Kim, University of Edinburgh; Professor Jennifer Todd, UCD; Professor John Coakley, UCD; Professor Matteo Fumagalli, Central European University, Budapest.