Book Series

Perspectives in British-Irish Studies

Renovation or Revolution

Renovation or revolution: new territorial politics in Ireland and the United Kingdom

J Coakley, J Todd and B Laffan, eds. 2005

From Political Violence to Negotiated Settlement

From political violence to negotiated settlement: The winding path to peace in twentieth century Ireland

M Bric and J Coakley, eds. 2004

Changing Shades of Orange and Green

Changing shades of Orange and Green: redefining the Union and the Nation in contemporary Ireland

J Coakley, ed. 2002

Related Titles Include:

Europe's Old States in the New World Order

Europe's Old States in the New World Order: The Politics of Transition in Britain, France and Spain.

J Ruane, J Todd, A Mandeville, eds. 2003

After the Good Friday Agreement

After the Good Friday Agreement: analysing political change in Northern Ireland

J Ruane, J Todd, eds. 1999

Republicanism in Ireland

Republicanism in Ireland: Confronting theory and practice

I Honohan, ed. 2008