Discussion Papers

Discussion Papers on the themes of (a) Patterns of Conflict Resolution (b) Breaking Patterns of Conflict and (c) Politics and Identity. The current series of discussion papers on all themes can be downloaded here.


Author Title
Jennifer Todd and Joseph Ruane Patterns of conflict resolution: an historical-structural approach to explaining settlement
Lupa Ramadhani Identity politics and complexities of conflict resolution in Zanzibar
Andy Storey Structural violence and the struggle for state power in Rwanda: what Arusha got wrong 
Arnim Langer Cote d'Ivoire's violent peace process
Graham Brown The long and winding road: the peace process in Mindanao, Philippines
Joseph Ruane and Jennifer Todd Patterns of conflict resolution: what made the difference between failure and success in settlement initiatives in Northern Ireland?
Lidija Georgieva, Ardit Memeti and Ali Musliu Patterns of conflict resolution in the Republic of Macedonia
Lupa Ramadhani, Jennifer Todd, Patrick Paul Walsh Patterns of conflict in the Great Lakes region
A.W. Harris Population transfer and insurgent conflict



Jennifer Todd Equality as steady state or equality as threshold? Northern Ireland after the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement, 1998
Jennifer Todd Northern Ireland: A multi-phased history of conflict, a multi-levelled process of settlement
Jennifer Todd One State or two? Anticipating opportunities for and obstacles to identity shift
Jennifer Todd Institutional change and conflict regulation: The Anglo-Irish Agreement (1985) and the mechanisms of change in Northern Ireland
Cillian McGrattan Resistance, obstruction and agenda-setting: The hidden politics of the Northern Ireland settlement
John Coakley Implementation issues and the pursuit of a settlement in Northern Ireland
Susan McDermott Analysing the development of bipartisanship in the Dail: The interaction of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail party politics on the Irish government policy on Northern Ireland 
John Coakley Adapting consociation to Northern Ireland
Jennifer Todd Elite intent, public reaction and institutional change


Joseph Ruane and Jennifer Todd Protestant minorities in European states and nations
John Coakley A political profile of Protestant minorities in Europe
Jennifer Todd, Nathalie Rougier, Theresa O'Keefe, Lorenzo Cañás Bottos
Does being Protestant matter? Protestants, minorities and the re-making of religious identity after the Good Friday Agreement
Tom Inglis Local belonging, identities and sense of place in contemporary Ireland
Sara Templar, Claire Mitchell and Gladys Ganiel No exit? Opting out of religious and ethnic group identities in Northern Ireland
Catherine Frost Between political founding and post-nationalist future: the malleability of national identity in a small, globally-oriented state