Working Papers

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Desmond O'Malley

Tom Garvin

Redefining southern nationalism: a political perspective

Redefining southern nationalism: an academic perspective 


Dermot Nesbitt

Richard English

Redefining unionism: a political perspective
Redefining unionism: an academic perspective

Alban Maginness

Jennifer Todd

Redefining northern nationalism: a political perspective

Redefining northern nationalism: an academic perspective


David Ervine

James McAuley

Redefining loyalism: a political perspective

Redefining loyalism: an academic perspective


Mitchel McLaughlin

Paul Arthur

Redefining republicanism: a political perspective

Redefining republicanism: an academic perspective

6 Ned Thomas New Wales ? New culture?
7 Máiréad Nic Craith Cultural diversity in Northern Ireland and the Good Friday agreement
8 John de Chastelain The Northern Ireland peace process and the impact of decommissioning
9 John Coakley Ethnic conflict and its resolution: the new Northern Ireland model
10 Eunan O’Halpin The geopolitics of republican diplomacy in the twentieth century

Deaglán de Bréadún

Steven King

Building government institutions in Northern Ireland—strand one negotiations

Building government institutions in Northern Ireland —implementing strand one


Martin Mansergh

Andy Pollak

Cross-border bodies and the North-South relationship—laying the groundwork

Cross-border bodies and the North-South relationship—implementing strand 2

13 Adrian Millar A Lacanian psychoanalytic interpretation of conflict in Northern Ireland
14 John Reid, MP The British government and the peace process
15 Brian Cowen, TD The peace process and equality: towards a transformed society


16  Yvonne Galligan
The politics of women’s representation in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
17 Claire Mitchell
Pluralist, purified or private: Protestant identification and political change in Northern Ireland
18 Katy Hayward and Kevin Howard
Europeanisation and hyphe-nation: renegotiating the identity boundaries of Europe’s Western Isles
19 Paul Dixon Contemporary unionism and the tactics of resistance
20 Gladys Ganiel Conserving or changing? The theology and politics of Northern Irish fundamentalist and evangelical Protestants after the Good Friday agreement
21 Adrian Guelke The international system and the Northern Ireland peace process
22 John Coakley The North-South institutions: from blueprint to reality
23 John Osmond Nation building: Implementing devolution in the United Kingdom – The Welsh experience
24 David McCrone Marking the card: The Scottish parliament at 1000 days

Arthur Aughey

Simon Partridge

Territory and politics in Ireland and Great Britain after devolution

Implications of devolution for England


26 Jennifer Todd
The changing structure of conflict in Northern Ireland and the Good Friday agreement
27 Brigid Laffan
Ireland, Britain, Northern Ireland and the European dimension
28 Claire Mitchell
Is religion in Northern Ireland politically significant?

Seamus Mallon

Éamon Phoenix

Nationalism in Northern Ireland from partition to the Belfast agreement—a political perspective

Nationalism in Northern Ireland from partition to the Belfast agreement—an academic perspective


Albert Reynolds

Kevin Rafter

The Irish government and the peace process, 1992-94—a political perspective

The Irish government and the peace process, 1992-94—an observer’s perspective

31 Alice Feldman Beyond the Catholic-Protestant divide: religious and ethnic diversity in the north and south of Ireland
32 Gladys Ganiel The politics of religious dissent in Northern Ireland
33 Claire Mitchell Catholicism in Northern Ireland and the politics of conflict
34 Jennifer Todd Process, perspectives and interpretations: an oral archive of the Good Friday agreement
35 Wilhelm Verwoerd Towards inclusive remembrance after the “Troubles”: a South African perspective


36 Bernadette C Hayes and Ian McAllister The political impact of secularisation in Northern Ireland
37 Kevin Howard Constructing the Irish of Britain: ethnic recognition and the 2001 UK census
38 Lone Singstad Pålshaugen The Northern Ireland Civic Forum and the politics of recognition
39 Tom Garvin An Irish republican tradition?
40 Etain Tannam Cross-border co-operation between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland : neo-functionalism revisited
41 Kieran Rankin and Richard Schofield The troubled historiography of classical boundary terminology
42 John Coakley Ethnic conflict and the two-state solution: the Irish experience of partition
43 Christopher Farrington Models of civil society and their implications for the Northern Ireland peace process



Martin Mc Guinness

Paul Arthur

Republicanism and the implementation of the agreement—a political perspective

Republicanism and the implementation of the agreement—an academic perspective

45 John Doyle Republican policies in practical politics: placing contemporary Sinn Féin in a European context

Dermot Ahern

Stephen Collins

The Irish government and the implementation of the agreement—a political perspective

The Irish government and the implementation of the agreement—an observer’s perspective

47 John Coakley and Liam O’Dowd The Irish border and North-South co-operation: an overview
48 KJ Rankin The creation and consolidation of the Irish border
49 James Anderson and Liam O’Dowd Imperial disintegration and the creation of the Irish border: imperialism and nationalism 1885-1925
50 Bertie Ahern The future of North-South cooperation
51 Tim O’Connor The establishment of the North/South Ministerial Council and the North/South bodies
52 Peter Smyth North-South cooperation since the agreement
53 John Coakley The future of the North-South bodies


54  Joan Henderson and Paul Teague The Belfast Agreement and cross-border economic cooperation in the tourism industry
55 Liam O’Dowd and Cathal McCall The significance of the cross-border dimension for promoting peace and reconciliation
56 John Coakley, Brian Ó Caoindealbháin and Robin Wilson The operation of the North-South implementation bodies
57 Stephen Roper Cross-border and local cooperation on the island of Ireland : an economic perspective
58 Jennifer Todd A puzzle concerning borders and identities: towards a typology of attitudes to the Irish border
59 Andy Pollak Educational cooperation on the island of Ireland : a thousand flowers and a hundred heartaches
60 Cormac Ó Gráda and Brendan M Walsh Did (and does) the Irish border matter?
61 Liam O’Dowd, Cathal McCall and Ivo Damkat Sustaining Cross-border cooperation: a cross-sectoral case study approach
62 Kevin Howard Diasporas and ambiguous homelands: a perspective on the Irish border
63 Eoin Magennis, Patricia Clarke and Joseph Shiels Funding support for cross-border and North-South cooperation on the island of Ireland , 1982-2005: an overview
64 Alessia Cividin Irish cross-border cooperation: the case of the Northwest region
65 Elizabeth Meehan Borders and employment opportunities and barriers
66 Kevin Howard Nationalist myths: revisiting Heslinga’s “The Irish border as a cultural divide”
67 KJ Rankin Theoretical concepts of partition and the partitioning of Ireland
68 Brian Ó Caoindealbháin Citizenship and borders: Irish nationality law and Northern Ireland
69 Katy Hayward Contention, competition and crime: newspapers’ portrayal of borders in the north-west of Ireland
70 Kevin Howard Continuity and change in a partitioned civil society: Whyte revisited
71 Kevin Howard Territorial politics and Irish cycling
72 John Bradley An island or island economies? Ireland after the Belfast Agreement
73 John Bradley Industrial development in Ireland North and South: case studies of the textile and information technologies sectors
74 James Anderson Irish border communities: questioning the effects of state borders and ethno-national identities
75 Michael Kennedy The realms of practical politics: North-South cooperation on the Erne hydroelectric scheme, 1942 to 1957
76 Hastings Donnan Fuzzy frontiers: the rural interface in South Armagh
77 Brendan O’Leary Analysing partition: definition, classification and explanation
78 Brendan O’Leary Debating partition: justifications and critiques
79 KJ Rankin The provenance and dissolution of the Irish Boundary Commission


80  Sean Farren Sunningdale: An Agreement too soon?
81 Catherine O’Donnell The Sunningdale Communiqué, 1973, and bipartisanship in the Republic of Ireland
82 PJ McLoughlin

" Dublin is just a Sunningdale away?” The SDLP, the Irish Government and the Sunningdale Agreement


83  Elizabeth Meehan From conflict to consensus: the legacy of the Good Friday Agreement.The British-Irish and European contexts

Sir George Quigley

Tony Kennedy

Martin Mansergh

The impact of devolution on everyday life: 1999-2009
85 Aidan Gough and Eoin Magennis The impact of devolution on everyday life, 1999-2009: the case of cross-border commerce
86 Gladys Ganiel and Claire Mitchell Everyday evangelicals: life in a religious subculture after the Belfast Agreement
87 Neil Jarman and John Bell Routine divisions: segregation and daily life in Northern Ireland
88 Elizabeth Meehan and Fiona Mackay A "new politics" of participation?
89 Siobhan Byrne Women and the transition from conflict in Northern Ireland : lessons for peace-building in Israel/Palestine
90 Niamh Hardiman and Muiris MacCarthaigh Breaking with or building on the past? Reforming Irish public administration: 1958-2008
91 Frank Barry Agricultural interests and Irish trade policy over the last half-century: A tale told without recourse to heroes
92 Graham Brownlow Fabricating Economic Development
93 Bryan Fanning From developmental Ireland to migration nation: immigration and shifting rules of belonging in the Republic of Ireland
94 Thomas P Murray The curious case of socio-economic rights
95 Peter Murray Educational developmentalists divided? Patrick Cannon, Patrick Hillery and the economics of education in the early 1960s
96 Tom Garvin Dublin opinions: Dublin newspapers and the crisis of the fifties

Martin Mansergh

Jeffrey Donaldson

John Bradley

North-South relations after the boom: the impact of the credit crunch on mutual relations and understandings


 Martin Mansergh Speech at Annual Taoiseach's Conference 2009 
98  Tadhg O hAnnrachain The Church of Ireland and the native Irish population in plantation Ulster
99 Adrian Guelke The flexibility of Northern Ireland Unionists and Afrikaner Nationalists in comparative perspective
100 Anthony D Buckley Amity and enmity: variety in Ulster Protestant culture
101 Rev Brian Kennaway All change but no change: can we learn the lessons from the past?
102 Clifford Stevenson Beyond divided territories: how changing popular understandings of public space in Northern Ireland can facilitate new identity dynamics
103 Orla T Muldoon, Niamh McNamara, Paula Devine, Karen Trew and Lizanne Dowds Inter and intragroup emotion and social identification: a real world study


104  T John O'Dowd Remembering the Constitution: the Easter proclamation and constitutionalism in independent Ireland
105 David Adams Perceptions and memories of the Great War
106 John Horne Commemorating the centenary of the Great War and the division of Ireland: a European perspective
107 Patrick Paul Walsh and Ciara Whelan Hirschman and Irish industrial policy

Sir George Quigley
Brian Cowen, TD

A decade of centenaries: commemorating shared history
109 Derek S Hutcheson The February 2011 parliamentary election in Ireland
110 Jennifer Todd and Joseph Ruane The dynamics of conflict: political economy, equality and conflict


 Author Title
211 Tyler Anderson 'Therefore, Renounce War and Proclaim Peace': A Critical Examination of Mormon Identity in the North and South of Ireland, and Mormon Thoughts on the Northern Ireland Conflict.


 Author Title
112 Jennifer Todd The vulnerability of a (quasi-) constitutional settlement: Northern Ireland after 1998 and the British-Irish relationship‌