Spring 2003


1. Programme
2. Ambassadors of Friendship
3. The Ram
4. Language School
5. Reminder -- Subscriptions

1. Programme

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2. Ambassadors of Friendship

(This is a repeat of the article in our last Newsletter, but with photographs which were not available for that issue. The story bears repetition, because the honour bestowed, "Ambassador of Friendship", is a very rare one - the only previous holder in these islands being Ted Heath.)

A unique presentation took place in the Chinese Embassy in Dublin on 30th October 2002.

Two distinguished Irishmen, Mr Justice Dermot Kinlen and Dr John de Courcy Ireland, were each awarded a special medal, and the title "Friendship Ambassador", to acknowledge their sustained work over a long period to foster and develop relations between Ireland and China.

The presentation was made by the Chinese Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Sha Hailin, on behalf of Youxie, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.


Mr Justice Dermot Kinlen


Recently retired as a Judge of the High Court, he has now undertaken the special role of Inspector-General of Prisons and Places of Detention in Ireland.

Dermot Kinlen was involved in moves which helped in the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ireland and China, and later with the siting of the Chinese Embassy in Dublin. He visited China In 1977 with the former President of Ireland, Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh, and in 1980 with the former Taoiseach, Jack Lynch.

He was President of the Irish -Chinese Cultural Society from 1982 to 1984.

Recently, Mr Justice Kinlen led a delegation of Irish High Court Judges to China as part of a European Union programme, and the following year received a return delegation of senior Chinese Judges to Dublin.

He has continued to be supportive of links between Ireland and China, and recently became Patron of the Irish Chinese Centre for Social Services, which is providing information and support to the Chinese community in Ireland.

Dr John deCourcy Ireland


Dr de Courcy Ireland has had a long career as a seaman, teacher, writer, and political activist supporting causes of justice, peace and social development. He is now honoured in Ireland as a senior statesman for his work in these areas.

He is an international authority on marine matters, and has received decorations from five foreign governments. He is also a Director of the National Museum of Ireland.

Dr John de Courcy Ireland's links with China go back to his early childhood. His father died in China in 1914, and his mother lived in Beijing for several years.

He has been a ceaseless champion of China and its place in the world, and supporter for the building of links between Ireland and China. He has a particular interest in China's maritime heritage and the re-development of her merchant fleet.

He was a founder member of the Irish-Chinese Cultural Society in 1975, and continues to support its activities.

His Excellency Ambassador Sha Hailin

David Judge, Vice-President of the ICCS


Admiring the presentations


Flowers and Smiles


3. The Ram


The Year of the Yang
(The Ram; or the Sheep, or the Goat!)



Television Presenter
Sex Counsellor
Carden Designer

The Ram

Of all the animals, the Ram is the one best able to live in the moment. Rams don't fret about the past and they don't worry about the future. They are relaxed happy-go-lucky creatures who like to enjoy what they have now than strive for what might be.
They like to relax and be peaceful. Goats are creative and friendly and certainly like to meet people and talk a lot. They are kind, sincere, honest and imaginative. Nothing is too much trouble if it helps other people. Rams have a certain elegance and style about them.

Ram Characteristics

Rams can be fierce independent creatures and they hate being hemmed in or having their freedom curtailed. They need new people, fresh horizons and new experiences and excitement they like to partake of all that life has to offer- they are perpetually curious and this can lead them into trouble.

Love, Sex, and Relationships

Rams have a capacity for making lovers feel very special - as if they are the only and true one. However the Ram will have many lovers and will try very hard never to settle down or be in a permanent relationship, which looks like a trap to them. They are adventurous when it when it comes to sex and like a lot of variety and experimentation. Ram's aren't particularly moral and shouldn't be judged by conventional standards.

Business, Friends and Children

Because of their charm and elegance, people are sometimes jealous of Rams, but those who know Rams well realise they have a good heart and care a lot about their friends.
Rams in business are rare- in facts Rams who work hard for long hours are rare. They are not lazy; just not motivated by money. They can be extremely busy and industrious when they want to be but the project has to either be creative or to benefit humankind in some way.
Children adore Rams, as they will take time and trouble to talk to Children without patronising them and will go out of their way to treat them with the same respect as an adult

Years of the

1907  .  1919
1931  .  1943
1955  .  1967
1979  .  1991
2003  .  2015


4. Language School



5. Reminder: Subscriptions for 2002.

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