The Irish-Chinese Cultural Society





Our Programme is now on SECOND WEDNESDAYS



All evening events will start at 8 pm on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of each month,
and will be held in the

Institute of Engineers
22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge
Dublin 4

Wednesday September 11th


The Game of Go

A talk and demonstration by John Gibson.

What is the oldest board-game in the world? It is the game called WeiQi in China, where it originated, and called Baduk in Korea; in the West it is usually known by its Japanese name, Go.
To begin our season of ICCS evening talks, John Gibson, secretary and leading light of the Irish 'Go' Association, will enlighten us on the history of this hugely popular game (which still, unlike chess, resists the efforts of computer programmers to rival human players), and will demonstrate the basics of how it is played.

Wednesday October 9th

Ireland-China Overtures: Behind the Scenes

A talk by Mr Justice Dermot Kinlen

Ireland established diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China in 1979. Leading up to that event there were many informal contacts and visits, involving David Andrews, Cearbhall 0'Dalaigh, and others. Dermot Kinlen (later Mr Justice Kinlen), a former President of the ICCS, was deeply involved in all this, and tonight he reminisces about these contacts. His unique insight, knowledge and gifts as a raconteur make this a night not to be missed.

Wednesday November 13th


No one expects a rubber-tree plantation

ICCS Delegation in China

An illustrated talk by the ICCS China Travellers

In May 2002, a delegation of six ICCS members visited China on a trip hosted by 'Youxie', the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. For our November meeting, DaWen Sun, Jane Almqvist, David Judge, Nora McDowell, Denis Mullen and Jenny Slevin-Williams will talk about their experiences on this memorable, out-of-the-ordinary visit.

(The ICCS is actively considering the suggestion of acting as facilitator for future self-paying trips to be hosted in China by 'Youxie'. Anyone even vaguely interested in the possibility of going on such a tour should find this talk of particular interest.)

Wednesday December 12th


Chinese Quiz and Social

Our annual test of knowledge, on matters (mostly) Chinese.

This is a table team test and a great social and fun event, topped off with our traditional tea/coffee and mince pies.