Evening events will start at 8 pm on the FOURTH WEDNESDAY of each month
and will be held in the

3 Upper FitzWilliam Street
Dublin 2.
(very near Baggot Street)

The United Arts Club is right beside Baggot Street, and a five-minute walk from Leeson Street or Mount Street, so it is well served by buses. Parking is abundant and free (after 7.00 p.m., which is ideal for our meetings at 8.00 p.m.).

The talks generally last about an hour and we allow time afterwards for questions and / or discussions.
The United Arts Club welcomes us to their facilities for a chat to round off the evening.


Sunday 9th September, 2.30 pm

ICCS Barbecue


Annual Barbecue 2012

Centenary Methodist Church/ Wesley House, Leeson Park, Dublin 6.
(Dartmouth Rd. end, beside Christ Church)

Our Annual Barbecue will be held at same venue as last year. We should like to thank the authorities of the Centenary Methodist Church who have generously provided the facilities of Wesley House for us, at this very convenient location. There is shelter in case of rain, some chairs, and we have permission to make tea or coffee on the premises.
The society will provide charcoal and some cooking stoves, but additional barbecue cookers are welcome, as are additional folding (camp) chairs or folding tables. Please contact our President, Denis Mullen, at 0868117258 if you intend to bring a cooker.

Members are welcome to bring friends. Members must bring their own food and drinks. We will be inviting the Chinese Ambassador and the staff of the Embassy and members of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, so this should again provide an enjoyable social occasion, relaxed and informal.


Wednesday 26th September, 8.00 pm

"Episode 3 of The Global Nomad on the Minority Peoples and Culture of Yunnan Province"

a talk and film show by Manchán Magan


Manchán Magan has written, presented and co-produced a series of 50 travel documentaries exploring the people and cultures of China, the Middle East, India, South & North America, Greenland, Ireland and Eastern Europe for Irish television, as well as making a major historical movie on the Irish Civil War, The Struggle, for RTE. When not travelling he occupies himself with writing and forestry.


Wednesday 24th October, 8.00 pm

An evening of DVD's

The talk and film show by Ruán Magan has had to be postponed, due to Ruán being called unexpectedly to travel up the Amazon. We hope to reschedule this talk for a later time.
Tonight, we will have a selection of DVD's instead, from which those present will democratically choose the ones they wish to see.


Wednesday 28th November, 8.00 pm

"Chinese and Japanese Painting in the Chester Beatty Library"


a talk by Laura Muldowney .

Laura Muldowney received her Masters in Art and Archaeology in 1993 from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Presently she is a researcher in the East Asian department at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland. She has assisted in the mounting of numerous permanent and temporary exhibitions including ‘Chinese Printmaking Today: Woodblock Printing in China 1980-2000’, ‘Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Chester Beatty Library’ ‘Telling Images of China: Narrative and Figure Paintings from the Shanghai Museum’ and the recent “Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”.


Wednesday 12th December, 8.00 pm

"Episode 4 of The Global Nomad on the Uighur Peoples of North-West China"

a talk and film show by Ruán Magan

We are delighted that this talk, originally scheduled for October, will be given tonight.


Having worked as locations manager and assistant director on films such as Far & Away, Braveheart, Devil’s Own and Neil Jordan’s Michael Collins, Ruán Magan turned to directing and producing documentaries in 1996. He has made over 100 documentaries, including those of his brother Manchán, primarily focusing on the diverse cultures of the world.


The Society is planning to honour the memory of Tao Kiang with a planting of shrubs at Kilmacurragh Gardens in Co. Wicklow on Sunday 14th October at 11.00 a.m.. Further details will be posted here nearer the time.