Evening events will start at 8 pm on the FOURTH WEDNESDAY of each month
and will be held in the

3 Upper FitzWilliam Street
Dublin 2.
(very near Baggot Street)

The United Arts Club is right beside Baggot Street, and a five-minute walk from Leeson Street or Mount Street, so it is well served by buses. Parking is abundant and free (after 7.00 p.m., which is ideal for our meetings at 8.00 p.m.).

The talks generally last about an hour and we allow time afterwards for questions and / or discussions.
The United Arts Club welcomes us to their facilities for a chat to round off the evening.


Sunday 7th September, 2.30 pm

ICCS Barbecue


Annual Barbecue 2012

Centenary Methodist Church/ Wesley House, Leeson Park, Dublin 6.
(Dartmouth Rd. end, beside Christ Church)

Our Annual Barbecue will be held at same venue as last year. We should like to thank the authorities of the Centenary Methodist Church who have generously provided the facilities of Wesley House for us, at this very convenient location.


There is shelter in case of rain, some chairs, and we have permission to make tea or coffee on the premises.
The society will provide charcoal and some cooking stoves, but additional barbecue cookers are welcome, as are additional folding (camp) chairs or folding tables. Please contact our President, Denis Mullen, at 0868117258 if you intend to bring a cooker.

Members are welcome to bring friends. Members must bring their own food and drinks. We will be inviting the Chinese Ambassador and the staff of the Embassy and members of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, so this should again provide an enjoyable social occasion, relaxed and informal.

Wednesday 24th September, 8.00 pm

Hong Kong Revisited

a talk by Veronica Heywood


Last Autumn we were fortunate enough to have Veronica tell us about the haunts of her parents, and her childhood in the post-war years in Hong Kong, to which she returned in the 1990s. Shortly after showing us slides of her beautiful watercolours capturing the places she had loved, she revisited the countryside where her father had renown as the author of a book on walks in the old colony, and it is of his work at the Observatory and the diary which he wrote in captivity in a Japanese POW camp that she will talk!


Wednesday 22nd October, 8.00 pm

Teaching English in China

a talk by Aoife Ní Mhuirí


Aoife's talk will focus on her time spent teaching English in Sichuan Province and in Shanghai. She volunteered at a middle school in a small city in Sichuan as part of a joint Irish-Chinese earthquake relief project. She then went to Shanghai where she spent over a year teaching at Education First, the world's largest private education organisation. Aoife will talk about her experiences living in two very different environments in China, and about her time with her students.


Wednesday 26th November, 8.00 pm

Processes and Porcelain in Jingdezhen


a talk by Deborah Wilson .

When the ICCS visited China in 2012, part of the tour itinerary was travelling to Jingdezhen to visit the potteries there. In her presentation, Deborah includes photos of the processes she saw there and a short commercial video of how this exquisite material is made!


Wednesday 10th December, 8.00 pm

Food and Fun

Demonstration and sampling with Shu Rong and Yanyi Blake


After the tremendous success of the last Chinese Food Cookery extravaganza, Shu Rong and Yanyi have agreed to show us some new dishes, from preparation to eating!