Evening events will start at 8 pm on the FOURTH WEDNESDAY of each month
and will be held in the

3 Upper FitzWilliam Street
Dublin 2.
(very near Baggot Street)

But please note that

December is different!

The United Arts Club is right beside Baggot Street, and a five-minute walk from Leeson Street or Mount Street, so it is well served by buses. Parking is abundant and free (after 7.00 p.m., which is ideal for our meetings at 8.00 p.m.).

The talks generally last about an hour and we allow time afterwards for questions and / or discussions.
The United Arts Club welcomes us to their facilities for a chat to round off the evening.


Sunday 11th September, 2.30 pm

ICCS Barbecue


Annual Barbecue 2016

Centenary Methodist Church/ Wesley House, Leeson Park, Dublin 6.
(Dartmouth Rd. end, beside Christ Church)

Our Annual Barbecue will be held at same venue as last year. We should like to thank the authorities of the Centenary Methodist Church who have generously provided the facilities of Wesley House for us, at this very convenient location.


There is shelter in case of rain, some chairs, and we have permission to make tea or coffee on the premises.
The society will provide charcoal and some cooking stoves, but additional barbecue cookers are welcome, as are additional folding (camp) chairs or folding tables. Please contact Denis Mullen at 0868117258 if you intend to bring a cooker.

Members are welcome to bring friends. Members must bring their own food and drinks. We will be inviting the Chinese Ambassador and the staff of the Embassy and members of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, so this should again provide an enjoyable social occasion, relaxed and informal.

Wednesday 28th September, 8.00 pm

Ancient and Modern Chinese Art in Paris

a talk by Yanyi Blake and Ann Wickham-McDonald


In April 2016 Anita O’Galligan organised a trip to Paris for the ICCS to visit the ancient Chinese collections at the Guimet Museum. Ann Wickham also visited the Vuitton Foundation where 11 modern Chinese artists had work exhibited.

Yanyi and Ann will give an illustrated talk on what they saw and did!!


Wednesday 26th October, 8.00 pm

The Amazing Yongle Emperor

a talk by Dr. Brian O’Neill


Brian gave this fascinating talk at the Chester Beatty Library last year. Many of those who missed it (and many of those who were there) have expressed a desire to hear it (again)….. so do come and learn about the Emperor who not only commissioned the Forbidden City to be built, but also directed Zheng He to explore the oceans of the World!


Wednesday 23rd November, 8.00 pm

The First ICCS Trip to China

First Trip

a talk by Trudi Kiang and Dell Lundy .

Dell and Trudi were on the first visit to China in 1980 by representatives of the ICCS, and have been busy digitising images from the trip to bring us the wonderment of those early days of China’s widening international opening of her treasures!


Wednesday 7th December, 8.00 pm

Christmas Food Fest

by Yanyi Blake and Shu Rong

Our Christmas Party will be, like the last 2 years, a FoodFest – demonstrations and tasting of Chinese dishes prepared and cooked for us by Yanyi and Shu.

Christmas Food

Please note we will be inside downstairs in our regular Barbeque venue,

Centenary Methodist Church/Wesley House,
Leeson Park,
Dublin 6.