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Ionad na hÉireann um Stair Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais UCD

UKCNMH Seminar series, 2013-2014

Seminars at the UK Centre for the History of Nursing and Midwifery, The University of Manchester in association with the UK Association for the History of Nursing. For details, please visit:

Talking history in Denmark

A major international nursng history conference took place from 9 to 12 August 2012 in the beautiful surroundings of Hotel Koldingfjord, Kolding, Denmark, the former Christmas Seal Sanatorium for children, which closed as a sanatorium in 1959. A total of 25 countries and all continents were represented at the conference, whgich was themed International Perspectives in the History of Nursing. Over one hundred academic papers were presented on a range of topics, from histories of clinical practice, military history and public health and keynote papers were delivered by some of the leading scholars of nursing history from Europe and North America.

Talking history in Denmark-Prof J.Fairman&Prof S.Malchau D 

Professor Julie Fairman and Professor Susan Malchau Dietz

Talking history in Denmark-Prof Anne-Marie Rafferty

Professor Anne-Marie Rafferty  

Nursing History in a Global Perpective

Nursing History in a Global Perspective, Kolding, Denmark August 9-11, 2012

For details:

29th Annual Conference

29th Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing, Savannah, Georgia, 27-30 September 2012.

For details:

Meeting of the European Nursing History Group in Denmark

Centre Director Gerard Fealy was among a group of nursing historians from across Europe who attended a meeting of the European Nursing History Group in Kolding, Denmark. The meeting was hosted by Inger-Marie Boergesen, Danish Museum of Nursing History and included members from Denmark, Germany, Norway, the UK and Ireland. The meeting was one of a series of meetings being held to advance work on the establishment of a European Association for the History of Nursing (EAHN). The new Association will be officially launched at the Nursing History in a Global Perspective International Nursing History Conference in Kolding, Denmark, August 9 –11, 2012.

The European Nursing History Group - March 2012 

The Bulletin o the UK Association for the history of Nursing

Lauch Flyer (pdf) 


Digitizing Project

In December 2010, the research team at the UCD Irish Centre for Nursing & Midwifery History secured a research grant in the latest round of the Irish Research Council for the Humanities & Social Sciences (IRCHSS) grant awards. The grant of over €32,000 is part funded by IRCHSS and part funded by the Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation (INMO).

The grant will permit the full digital curation and online cataloguing of the Irish Nurses’ Journal and Irish Nurses’ Union Gazette and will result in the preservation of an important part of the nursing and midwifery record. The project will be conducted in partnership with the Irish Virtual Research Library & Archive (IRVLA) and the INMO. The research team comprises Gerard Fealy, Martin McNamara and Ruth Geraghty (ICNMH), Marie Burke (UCD Library), Susan McGann (RCN Archivist) and Annette Kennedy (INMO).

Through digital curation, the Irish Nursing Journals Digitisation Project is preserving and protecting valuable historical documents in addition to making a valuable resource accessible to the widest possible readership. As we approach a decade of centenary celebrations, early issues of Irish nursing journals will provide a window not only on nursing history, but also on social, labour and women's history since the foundation of the State.

Image of section of Kevin Barry Window showing nurse with Irish Nurses Union Gazette in foreground 

In foreground an early edition of the Irish Nurses' Union Gazette from June 1930. In background is the image of nurse Elizabeth O’Farrell from a panel in the Kevin Barry Window at UCD.


Can you help us find copies of the Irish Nurses’ Journal and Irish Nurses’ Union Gazette?

The UCD Irish Centre for Nursing & Midwifery History, in partnership with the Irish Virtual Research Library & Archive (IRVLA) and the INMO, is currently conducting the full digital curation and online cataloguing of the Irish Nurses’ Journal and Irish Nurses’ Union Gazette that is held by the INMO Library. When complete this digital collection will provide a valuable resource for the study of nursing and midwifery history in Ireland.

We are looking for a number of issues to create a complete collection from 1924 to 1971. Please click Missing Journals to view the list.

If you have any of the journals on this list and would like to temporarily deposit the journal with the UCD Irish Centre for Nursing & Midwifery History for the purposes of digitising, please contact Ruth Geraghty by email at, or by phone at +353 (0)1 7166466.

The Centre will organise the collection and return the journals to the owner. The journals will be brought to University College Dublin for digital screening and the digital version will then be included in the completed collection. After digitising, the original journal will be returned to the owner.


Karl Maton visits the UCD Irish Centre for Nursing & Midwifery History in Junly 2011

Image of LCT cartesian planes 

Dr Karl Maton, principal author of Legitimation Code Theory (LCT), visited the UCD School of Nursing Midwifery & Health Systems on the 31st June and 1st July, 2011. The visit was supported by the UCD Fellowships in Teaching and Academic Development.

Karl presented two masterclass seminars addressing the LCT dimensions of Specialisation and Semantics and their application in a range of educational research projects. Podcasts of both seminars will be made available on the UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems website in Autumn 2011.

These seminars brought together individuals from a broad range of disciplinary areas, including linguistics, education, nursing, economics and sociology, and provided a forum for students, research and academic staff to meet and discuss the potential of LCT in their own area of work. In addition to the seminars Dr Maton met with a number PhD students for one-to-one PhD workshops.

Karl Maton is based at University of Sydney, having previously taught at the University of Cambridge, the Open University (UK), Keele University and Wollongong University. Karl has published in sociology, cultural studies, education, linguistics and philosophy and his Legitimation Code Theory is now being widely used by researchers in Australia, France, South Africa, China, the UK, Ireland and elsewhere for studies in sociology, education, linguistics and philosophy. Karl recently co-edited Social Realism, Knowledge and the Sociology of Education (with Rob Moore, 2010, Continuum) and Disciplinarity (with Fran Christie, 2011, Continuum). Karl’s book, Knowledge and Knowers, and a multi-disciplinary collection of studies using LCT, Knowledge-building (edited with Sue Hood and Suellen Shay) are being published by Routledge. For more information on LCT please visit:


International Nursing History Conference, Denmark, 9 - 11 August 2012

An international conference in Nursing History will take place in Denmark, August 9-11, 2012. The venue of the conference will be The Danish Museum of Nursing History. The conference will be run jointly by the Danish Society of Nursing History and the Danish Museum of Nursing History. Accommodation: Hotel Koldingfjord a four-star hotel located next to the museum (approx. 150 USD per nights for conference attendants). Further announcements concerning the theme, call for abstracts etc will follow in 2010 at and


Brandy Lain Schillace presents ICNMH Spring - Summer 2011 Seminar, May 2011

In May 2011, the UCD Irish Centre for Nursing & Midwifery History welcomed Brandy Lain Schillace to present her paper on 'the Mechanical Mother', Dr. William Smellie’s mechanized obstetrical phantom, and it's 'Curious Disappearance'. An abstract of this paper, entitled, 'The Father of British Midwifery and the Mother of Inventions' is available at this link: Curious Disappearance of the Mechanical Mother.

Image of Brandy lain Schillace and Gerard M Fealy

Prof Gerard Fealy and Prof Brandy Lain Schillace, May 2011

Brandy Lain Schillace is Assistant Professor of 18th century British Literature at Winona State University, and more information on her research can be accessed at the following link: Brandy Lain Schillace


ICNMH Annual Report 2010

The UCD Irish Centre for Nursing & Midwifery History Annual Report 2010 is now available for download: ICNMH Annual Report 2010 

Previous reports are available for download here: ICNMH Annual Report 2009