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A range of publications is available for those studying the history of nursing and midwifery in Ireland and related topics. Below is a list of recent publications in the field:


McNamara MS, Fealy GM, Geraghty R, (In press) ‘The visibility of the discipline on the websites of academic nursing schools’ Nursing Outlook.

Martin S McNamara and Gerard M Fealy (2011) ‘Legitimation Code Theory: A new lens through which to view our academic practice’ Contemporary Nurse (Guest editorial, in press).

Fealy GM, McNamara M, Geraghty R (2011) ‘A decided advantage to all: The first thirty years of state regulation in Ireland, 1920–1950.’ International Council of Nursing Conference La Valetta, Malta, 2-8 May 2011. See:


McNamara MS and Fealy G (2010): 'A Little Nurse Running around College': Legitimating Nursing in the Irish Academy, In Harford J and Rush C (Eds) Have Women Made a Difference?: Women in Irish Universities, 1850-2010. Oxford: Peter Lang. ISBN 978-3-0343-0116-9 (hardback).

Fealy GM, McNamara MS, Geraghty R (2010) ‘The health of hospitals and lessons from history: Public health and sanitary reform in the Dublin hospitals, 1858–1898’. Journal of Clinical Nursing, Dec 2010, Vol. 19 Issue 23/24, p3468-3476

McNamara MS, Fealy GM, Geraghty R (2010) ‘Nurse tutors’ tales of transition: a clash of legitimation codes’. Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) Annual Research Conference (Conference theme: ‘Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?’: Exploring Meaning, Identities and Transformation in the Academy) Newport, Wales, 14–16 December 2010.

Fealy GM, McNamara MS, Geraghty R (2010) ‘Perfect ventilation, good sewerage and effective water closets’: Urban factors in the development of modern nursing in Dublin, 1858–1898’, European Association of Urban Historians: 10th International conference on Urban History City and Society in Urban History, Ghent, 1–4 September 2010.

McNamara M, Fealy GM, Geraghty R (2010) ‘Cultures of control: A historical analysis of the role of the infection control nurse in Ireland’, International Perspectives in the History of Nursing, Royal Holloway, Windsor, UK, 14–16 September 2010.

McNamara MS, Fealy GM, Geraghty R ‘Where is nursing in academic nursing? The visibility of the discipline on the websites of higher education institutions,’ NETNEP 2010 Nursing education in a global community: Collaboration and networking for the future, 3rd International Nurse Education Conference, 11–14 April 2010, Sydney, Australia.

Hallett C, Fealy GM (2009) ‘Nursing history and the articulation of power’ (Guest Editorial) Journal of Clinical Nursing 18 (19), 2681–3.


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Sweeney J and Mitchell D (2009) 'A challenge to nursing: an historical review of intellectual disability nursing in the UK and Ireland' Journal of Clinical Nursing 18 (19), 2754 - 2763.

Note: A special themed issue of the Journal of Clinical Nursing Vol 18 (19) was published in October 2009 containing eleven papers on a wide range of topics in nursing history.


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