Staff Research Fields include: 


  • Adapting and applying international literary theory to Irish language literature
  • Literary criticism
  • Contemporary art criticism


  • Providing scholarly editions of texts, both prose and poetry, from Irish manuscripts


  • Folk medicine
  • History and methods of collecting and documenting Irish popular tradition
  • Irish Travellers
  • Occupational belief and practice
  • Seasonal and calendar observance
  • Role of tradition in contemporary popular culture and the persistence of themes from past to present
  • Vernacular architecture 

Language and Linguistics

  • Dialect of west Kerry
  • Gaelic dialects of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man
  • Historical development of the language since c. AD 1200
  • Language policy 
  • Pedagogical grammar of Irish
  • Translation
  • Verbal systems of Irish and other Celtic languages


  • Irish journalism from 1795 to present day
  • Irish language media, print, broadcast, online
  • Irish on Screen and Film Studies
  • Print Culture
  • Relationship between script and print in 18th and 19th century Ireland
  • Trends in Donegal urban writing 1700-1900


  • Gaelic manuscript culture
  • History of Irish literature
  • Links between the Gaelic cultures of Ireland and Scotland, particularly in literature
  • Literature of west Kerry
  • Modern literature in the Irish language
  • Prose from the period 1200-1900 
  • Religious literature from the Classical Irish period
  • Role of the scribe as creator and re-creator of narrative in 18th and 19th century Ireland
  • Narrative discourse and historical representation
  • 18th century literature

Oral Culture

  • European narrative charms in Gaelic tradition
  • Folk narrative in Ireland and Scotland
  • Gender and the articulation of women's space in folk narrative and song
  • International Child ballad and native Gaelic song tradition
  • Joe Heaney, singer/storyteller
  • Medieval/modern continuities in Gaelic traditional narrative
  • Oral/literary and popular/elite interactions in Gaelic tradition
  • Towards a "Global Gaelic Jukebox": Gaelic sound archives and the internet

The Revival Period

  • History of sport
  • Laois Heritage and James Fintan Lalor
  • Major historical figures of the Irish Revival period including in-depth analysis of Patrick Pearse
  • Revival Period literature, journalism and criticism