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What is Drug Delivery Research ?


Many peptides such as insulin are destroyed by gastric stomach acid and gut enzymes and do not cross from the gut into the blood very well. Therefore these drugs are typically administered via regular injections. 

Our research aims to develop novel carrier systems that can provide protection to these bioactive but labile molecules.  This will allow oral or pulmonary drug delivery of peptides and siRNA.


What main areas of research are we addressing?


  • Oral delivery of siRNA and peptides using novel particulates and permeation enhancers
  • Design of novel particle delivery systems for pulmonary delivery
  • Development of novel cell penetrating peptide and liposome drug delivery systems for pulmomary delivery
  • Intra-articular delivery of novel anti-arthritic nanoparticulates
  • Cyclodextrin-based vectors for delivery of siRNA to treat Huntington’s disease



To view our PhD researcher Tauseef Ahmad's video on his work, please click here