Welcome to the IFM09 - 26th June

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Keynote Speakers

Dr Paul Dyer, University of Nottingham.
"Hot, cold and cryptic sex in fungi".

Dr Dyer studies sexual development in filamentous fungi. A recent collaboration with Hubert Fuller and Celine O'Gorman at UCD led to the identification of a sexual cycle in Aspergilus fumigatus, which was published in Nature (O'Gorman et all, Nature 2009 Jan 22;457(7228):471-4).

Dr Ursula Bond, Trinity College Dublin.

"The Complex and Dynamic Genomes of Industrial Yeast".

Dr Bond's group studies gene expression in lager yeasts, and is developing strains that can be used to create biofuel. She is also interested in mechanisms that control the synthesis of mRNA during the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell cycle.

You can Download the program from the following link: PROGRAM FILE

Any queries should be directed to denise.lynch@ucd.ie

Organising Committee

Geraldine Butler (Principal Investigator)
Chen Ding (PhD student)
Alessandro Guida (PhD student)
Claudia Jurgensen (Postdoc)
Denise Lynch (PhD student)
Sixiang Sai (PhD student)
John Synnott (PhD student)
Genevieve Vidanes (Postdoc)
Linda Holland (Postdoc)

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