Professor Peter Clinch, Vice-President for Innovation



Professor Peter Clinch is currently Vice-President for Innovation at University College Dublin (UCD). He also holds the Jean Monnet Professorship of European Economic Integration as well as a Chair of Public Policy. Peter holds BA (Hons), MA and PhD degrees in economics, a Diploma in environmental impact assessment and is an AMP graduate of Harvard Business School. He is and expert in economic development, enterprise, innovation and environmental and energy economics. Peter is the author of over 100 publications including books, book chapters, international journal articles and conference proceedings as well as almost 100 conference papers and other publications. Peter has held Visiting Positions or been an invited speaker at, inter alia, the University of California Berkeley, University of California, San Diego, University of Southern California and the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He has advised or consulted with, inter alia, the World Bank, the OECD and several governments.

Between 2008 and 2011, Peter served as chief policy adviser to the Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) based at Government Buildings. During this time, he was responsible for advising on economic growth policy, enterprise and environmental policy. Peter was instrumental in developing a medium-term framework for economic growth including drafting 'Building Ireland's Smart Economy: A Framework for Sustainable Economic Renewal' published by the Government in December 2008. This set out five Action Areas to revive productivity growth and restructure the Irish economy in the aftermath of the international recession and a domestic property bubble. Amongst many policy initiatives to position Ireland as a Global Innovation Hub, Peter was instrumental in establishing the Innovation Taskforce which reported in March 2010. This is a key input into Irish enterprise policy to 2020. Peter also led the development of Innovation Fund Ireland, a state venture fund which has attracted top-tier venture capitalists to Ireland.

Peter's considerable experience of working in government includes working in partnership with senior civil servants as well as some of the leading companies in the world. In addition to serving, inter alia, Cabinet Committees on Economic Renewal, Climate Change and Energy Security, and Science, Technology and Innovation, he participated in bilaterals between the Prime Minister and Ministers and was a member of Irish Government delegations to the European Council, the UN General Assembly, Davos World Economic Forum, Asia-Europe Meetings, a series of overseas trade missions, as well as the Prime Ministerial delegations to meet Heads of States, including US President Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. Peter continues to provide advice to government including, inter alia, membership of the Innovation Fund Ireland advisory board to the Prime Minister.

In 2011, Peter became Vice-President (VP) for Innovation, one of three academic VPs who support the President in the management of the University by leading the development of the three pillars of the University – research, innovation and education. Peter has specific responsibility for developing Innovation as the 'Third Pillar' of the University. This includes supporting technological innovation but also policy innovation and transfer and social and cultural innovation. Peter is responsible for the development and implementation of UCD's strategy for innovation and is the Senior Manager responsible for the Strategic Alliance between Ireland's two leading universities - UCD and Trinity College Dublin. This includes playing a lead role in the development and stewardship of university-industry partnerships in education, research and service provision and liaising with government departments and agencies on national innovation policy and initiatives. Peter also remains active in teaching and learning and research and serves on the Boards of several profit and non-profit organisations.

In April 2013 Peter was appointed by the Irish Government to the National Competitiveness Council. The Council will advise on measures to reduce business costs, enhance Ireland’s competitiveness in International trade and promote economic growth and job creation.