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The FitzGerald Chamber, the new debating chamber in the UCD Student Centre, which resembles a mini-parliament, has been named in honour of the late Dr Garret FitzGerald. Dr FitzGerald, a great statesman, was twice leader of Ireland as Taoiseach between 1981 and 1987.

The FitzGerald Chamber 
           The FitzGerald Chamber           

 Dr FitzGerald both studied and lectured at University College Dublin. He was a true public intellectual deeply committed to the role of the university in society. He also served as Chancellor of the National University of Ireland.

Dr FitzGerald was universally popular with students because he was genuinely interested in them, their lives and their views. He always devoted much of his time to intellectual discourse and debate with students and young people. He may have left his lecturing post at University College Dublin in 1973 when he became Minister for Foreign Affairs, but he remained closely connected to UCD.

The FitzGerald Chamber is now the home of the UCD Literary & Historical Society (founded by John Henry Cardinal Newman in 1855) and the UCD Law Society (established in 1911), two renowned student societies, synonymous with UCD, that have contributed to public debate in Ireland for well over a century.