TEDxUCD 2014 - Talk Titles

The titles of our TEDxUCD 2014 talks are as follows:
TEDxUCD 2014 Word Cloud
The TEDxUCD 2014 Word Cloud
Barry Andrews: Why No One Cares About Syria
Dr Erin Baumann: Teaching Crisis
Cindy Cummings: The Intelligence of the Body
Dr Brendan Egan: Muscle Matters
Pádraig Daly: Education: Lighting the Spark
Dr Terry McCarthy: The Cost of War
Dr David McKeown: The Gaps Between the Stars
Dr Niamh O'Sullivan: Do My Genes Define Me ?
Dr Niamh Shaw: Let’s Start Successfully Failing

Our TEDxUCD 2014 programme is now available TEDxUCD 2014 Programme