Collaborating with Industry

If you find yourself presented with some of the following opportunities talk to a member of the Technology Transfer team:

  • You have recently attended a conference or trade show at which a thorny practical issue was brought to your attention, one that your expertise or developed technology can address.
  • A former PhD student, now at ABC Corp, and with whom you have maintained a good relationship, wants to broker some discussion about a potential collaboration.
  • You know a number of start-up companies in your space have been financed by investors, and you have convictions and data to support the superiority of your technology to what they have to offer.
  • A funding agency may open a targeted call for proposals, to which your group’s expertise and experience is relevant. The work may involve collaborative research with industrial partners.

To ensure success in any collaboration with industry it is important to agree clearly the:

  • Scope of the project and project schedule
  • Percentage funding from industry
  • Intellectual property management, including confidentiality and publication procedures
  • Methods of technology/knowledge transfer

Successful collaboration with industry could have a significant reputational impact.

You should contact a member of the Technology Transfer team as early as possible in collaboration process.