Workshops and Deliverables

The UCD Commercialisation Bootcamp in Spring 2018 will consist of 3 workshops and will run from 10am to 1pm each Tuesday beginning on 15 May until 29 May. 

Participants on the programme work with a Commercialisation Canvas which is based on the Business Model Canvas, and incorporates Design Thinking and Lean Start-Up techniques.‌

Programme workshops are practical and hands-on and project teams are mentored in-between workshops by UCD Technology Transfer Case Managers.

There are 2 key outputs which participants will work on over the course of the 3 weeks:

  • A Commercialisation Canvas for their project which will clearly map out the most optimal commercialisation route
  • A Commercialisation Plan to support the Canvas to explore in more detail the following dimensions
    • Commercial Opportunity
    • Competitive Analysis and Advantage
    • Customers
    • Commercial Routes
    • R&D Roadmap
    • Project Team
    • Funding Requirements and Funding Plan

These are “living documents” and are designed to help researchers to be clear about the commercial opportunity they are pursuing and also to help them go out and talk to potential users/customers in order to develop solutions that really solve the problem.

The objective is to help researchers develop a tool set which they can update and develop as their insights and products develop.

UCD Commercialisation Bootcamp Form Final