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Students at University College Dublin

Students: Fostering Your Innovation

University College Dublin is striving to develop graduates who have the skills and expertise necessary to support the recovery and growth of the economy.

UCD graduates need to have deep specialist knowledge alongside an appreciation and understanding of other disciplines, combined with skills for creativity, innovation and problem solving.

Our graduates go on to work in the professions, industry, the public sector, the arts and many start their own businesses. You will find successful UCD graduates across the globe.

Regardless of the path you take, skills in these areas are fundamental to your success. During your time as a student in UCD it is worth considering how you can develop these broader skills.

There are many ways of doing this including:

  • Taking modules via the UCD Horizons Programme that are outside your core domain area 
  • Meeting and working with students from other faculties
  • Taking part in competitions run inside and outside of the University that allow you to develop your business skills and entrepreneurial experience
  • Start a campus based company.