TCD-UCD Innovation Academy

The TCD-UCD Innovation Academy is an educational collaboration between University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and Queen's University Belfast.

It is an exciting intellectual space where students and academics interact in multi-disciplinary groups with mentors from the public and private sector to develop and nurture creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and teamwork.

The Innovation Academy actively believes in the pursuit of fresh ideas and new ventures. The Academy’s goal is to have a positive impact on individuals’ personal and professional development by nurturing entrepreneurial thinking.

The Innovation Academy- Undergraduate Experience from UCD Innovation Academy on Vimeo.

Through the creation of a vibrant multi-disciplinary environment the Academy seeks to transform some of our brightest scholars into energetic and resourceful entrepreneurial thinkers. Academy modules are taught through activity-based learning experiences using the best practices being developed, both in-house and internationally, to create innovative and exciting educational experiences.