UCD Horizons

UCD Horizons was launched in 2005 and positions UCD as a leader in the provision of flexible, modular learning degrees that offer students choices rather than constraints.

UCD Horizons is the name given to the structure for undergraduate taught degrees at UCD. The UCD Horizons programme is modular and based on credits. With UCD Horizons you select your preferred degree as usual through the CAO system, but when you arrive at UCD you will have greater flexibility and choice in how and what you study within your chosen degree.

Each full-time student takes 12 modules each year, over two semesters. Generally, 10 of the 12 modules will be in your core area of study; some may be compulsory (i.e. core modules), others will be what are called options, where you choose modules that interest you from a list of modules in the subject.

In addition, students generally also have a choice of two ‘elective’ modules (subject to module entry requirements, timetable and availability of places), which can either be taken from within your main subject area to deepen your learning, or from outside it to broaden your learning.

UCD is the first Irish university to adopt this system fully and we hope that students will benefit from the diversity it offers them.